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Managers, Officers & Leads – Mercury Cash

Managers, Officers & Leads

Victor Romero, Founder & CEO

Victor RomeroVictor was born in San Cristóbal, Táchira, Venezuela. He lived there through high school graduation, then accepting an invitation to the highly regarded Venezuelan Air Force Academy (Military Aviation School).  He was ranked number one in the Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape Military Program, coordinated by the Venezuelan Special Forces. From there, Victor was selected to fly an AT-27 Tucano, later graduating as an Officer with the highest score of Aviation Intelligence Specialist in 2008. Romero resigned after a year of flying and left the service to become an entrepreneur, successfully creating several Fintech and Blockchain startups.

In 2011, he graduated with a Masters of Science in Public Management from the National Experimental University of Tachira. At the age of 23, Romero founded the VH Editorial Corporation and wrote his first book called Do not wait any longer, do it now!, which became a bestseller in the MicroEconomics field. Over the course of the next several years, Victor was a motivational speaker, lecturing young entrepreneurs on how to create successful companies and pursue their dreams.

Because of his startups, business experiences, and public exposure, Victor became a very sought after figure – his work and ideas mentioned in magazines and other media.  He acted as a role model for the next generation, and later as a Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum. After coming to the United States, Victor was licensed Series 2 as an Agent of Annuities and Variable Contracts in the Transamerica Corporation, also becoming a member of the World Financial Group.

After being licensed, he created Adventurous Entertainment, LLC, and began the development of several startups –  the most important being Mercury Cash.

Amy Hunt, Business Strategy Manager

Amalia is Co-Founder, board member and Business strategy manager. At Mercury Cash.

She is also the Director of Business accounts and customers. Director of the customer support team in Colombia. Keeping the team updated with each customer requirements and following the reviews of each customer towards the company.

Amalia has also participated in the creation of Business continuity program–Copywrite.

She takes part in the Organization of Resources, and Financials of the company.

Very passionate about the Blockchain industry and how cryptocurrencies have to offer to the world she is focused on users of MC to adopt and adapt cryptocurrencies for their everyday operations.

Giordano Lugo, Creative Director

Giordano LugoGiordano was born in San Cristobal, Tachira, Venezuela. In 2005, he received his Advanced Technical Degree in Systems from Instituto Universitario de Tecnologia (IUT). After completion of his first degree, he began studies in graphic design at the University Antonio José de Sucre. Although not completing his studies, he did discover his real passion. Because of his outstanding skills, he began working as a graphic designer for well known studios such as VH Corporation, where he acted as the Creative Director. It was here that they decided to give life to Jaimito- a cartoon very well known in Latin and South America.

Because of his professionalism and expertise, Lugo continued his career working on many other important visual projects. Then in 2016, he was offered the position of Creative Director with Mercury Cash, which is where he continues to contribute his time and talents.

Marco Pirrongelli, CTO

Marco Pirrongelli

Mr. Pirrongelli has a Bachelor’s of Science in Systems Engineering from Andres Bello Catholic University.  He has worked in a Cisco environment that lead the 3rd place of sales in Latin America for Small Business in 2012, and holds many certifications –  Cisco Systems Sales Engineer & Account Manager Engineer Certified, HIPAA Certification, and has completed more than 180 hours of Microsoft Server, Active Directory and Exchange environments courses.

He has worked on many interesting projects, including building 40 square miles of network for an entire community, allowing more than 300 families to connect to the internet.  Marco has also deployed several Microsoft Server environments, from 25 to 50 desktops for 100 Montaditos franchises, The Cheese Course Franchise, Pizza Hut, & Naked Pizza. He also successfully deployed a Microsoft Exchange Multi-Tenant Server for 10,000 users in 2013.

With over 15 years of experience in the IT services industry, he has experience in design, development, installation, implementation, maintenance, and network support solutions. Microsoft active directory environments, point to point WiMax connections, Linux & Windows Server environments, IT Management, Web & Graphic design for software and development, Cloud & Virtualization environments under VMware & Hyper-V, Amazon & Google cloud integrator for business needs.

Mr. Pirrongelli works as Mercury Cash CTO, leading the entire IT and Programming Team.

Saša Jokić, Lead Research

Sasa JokicSaša Jokić comes from the former European country of Yugoslavia. After moving to the US, he settled in Orlando, Florida, with his wife and kids. As a blockchain evangelist with a background in business from UW Milwaukee, he feels right at home at Mercury Cash – one of the first licensed cryptocurrency brokers in the state of Florida. When Saša is not watching the crypto market and analyzing investment opportunities, you can find him at a local meetup. Passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Saša enjoys staying up to date on the future financial evolution and discussing the subject with other like-minded people. His favorite quote is, “Doing whatever you feel like doing is always an option.”

Juan Riera, Senior Software Architect

Juan Riera

Lorenzo Delzoppo, Lead Compliance

Lorenzo DelzoppoLorenzo Delzoppo is a New York attorney with twenty years of substantial regulatory compliance, risk management, and legal experience. He began his career in the regulatory field as AML/BSA Compliance Officer at Girosol, a money services business operating in 35 U.S. states and 42 countries. After that role, he supervised compliance with all laws and regulations applicable to international money transfer activities as Chief Compliance Officer of MoneyExpress Financial, a U.S. financial institution with subsidiaries in Portugal, Spain and the UK. In 2006, he joined Community Bank of Florida as BSA Officer and was soon promoted CCO. In 2012, he assumed the additional role of Chief Risk Officer. He was responsible for leading and coordinating companywide risk management efforts by directly managing the Enterprise Risk Management platform and supervising the Compliance Management System. In addition to permanent internal control functions, his accountabilities included strategy development, regulators relations, external auditors and counsels’ coordination,as well as direct oversight of the Financial Crime area. In 2016, he moved to the consulting business where he has been advising law firms, financial institutions and blockchain businesses on a broad spectrum of compliance and regulatory matters. Lorenzo has been a speaker, organizer and moderator at numerous international conferences and lectured at university seminars. He developed compliance manuals, training materials, implemented compliance monitoring systems and interfaced state and federal regulators in numerous examinations. He has a LL.M. from the University of Miami, a J.D. from the University of Urbino and speaks five languages. He is very active in the local community as a director/founder of the South Florida Chapter of ACAMS, a board member of the Government Blockchain Association and a member of the Advisory Board of the Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime Institute of St. Thomas University.

Santiago Merlos, Chief Architect Officer

Santiago MerlosIT Professional with 15 years experience. Specialist in Microsoft technology and in the planning and management of technological projects. Experience in planning, implementing, managing, and troubleshooting issues in Active Directory Domain Services environments. Experience in computer security, networking, service management and virtualization. Competencies in software development and database design and management.

Currently, he works As chief architect and he’s responsible to look closely at how IT functions can be centralized so that departments across the company can work together seamlessly. The design can have a big effect on the performance of our FinTech organization, and he plays a critical role in building or buying the technology that will help an enterprise meet its business goals.

Mary Melendez, Accountant

Mary MelendezBorn in the U.S. in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Mary moved to San Cristobal, Venezuela, at the young age of 2 years old.  There, she grew up, studied and graduated with an Advanced Technical Degree in Human Resources Administration from the University of Jesus Enrique Lozada, finishing her certification as a Public Accountant from the Open National University of Venezuela.

In the beginning of her career, she worked as Human Resources Manager for over three years with the Editorial “Futuro”, gaining experience in the business and enterprise field.  But her passion was with public administration and accounting, so she began work as an Auxiliary Accountant for the University Mariscal Ayacucho. Later she invested 17 years in public administration, working for 15 years as Administrative Manager of the National Housing Institution of the San Cristobal District and another 2 years as Administrative Coordinator of the Accounting Office of the of the San Cristobal District Town Hall.

For 13 years of her career in Public Administration, she was the Producer and Coordinator for Non-Profit Events and Programs for Social Assistance in all the suburbs of the district.  Mary Carmen has completed many continuing education courses for personal and professional improvement, in the areas of accounting, administration, public administration, planning, public relationship, informatics, communication and more.

As accountant, her expertise includes a combination of knowledge and experience in project planning, accounting, budgeting, and corporate budget and finance.

Rainiero Montilva, Executive Assistant

Rainiero MontilvaRainiero was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He Begun his career in the Venezuelan Air Force, getting graduated in 2.008 with the highest general score of his promotion.

He started an intensive training as a pilot in Venezuela and Ecuador, becoming a skillful fight pilot in the T34C1 (American) and K8 (Chinese) combat systems.

Rainiero flew in the second most important Aerial Transport Group of Venezuela.

He retired the Air Force in the year 2014 and started being a Captain for Directors and Business People of private companies.

Surrounded by business people he started to understand more about the business world, and decided to start his own Start up, AeroJet Center, a company for aerial services.

His start-up gave him the experience in Business Management. This important skills, are necessary to lift a company, and it was enough for the Mercury Cash´s CEO to call him and make him part of the Founders Team.

His experience and skills as military and entrepreneur, he is a co-autor of the Mercury Cash Business Continuity Program, giving all procedures needed to overcome natural or human disasters, threats and risks.